Teenager & Adult Sensory Toolkit for Anxiety Management
Teenager & Adult Sensory Toolkit for Anxiety Management
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Teenager & Adult Sensory Toolkit for Anxiety Management

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The “OT Tools NZ Sensory Toolkit for Anxiety Management” has been designed by occupational therapists. This toolkit is based on Sensory Modulation principals; supporting and guiding people in using their different senses to self-manage and change their emotional state. 

Anxiety and stress are normal emotions which everyone experiences, and our toolkits are designed to help. 

This toolkit covers six sensory systems; Visual, Auditory, Olfactory, Proprioceptive, Tactile and Oral Motor. It includes a total of 18 items covering these systems, alongside an Anxiety Self Check-In Rating Scale, a Calmness Rating Scale, a Relaxation Exercise and information on Sleep Hygiene. The toolkit also includes a detailed instruction booklet to explain each of the items to you in detail.

By using the items in this toolkit a nerve called the Vagus Nerve can be activated to help the body switch from a flight or fight survival mode to a calm/resting mode. It can also help the body stay in a calm/resting mode while engaging in a meaningful occupation. When we are in a calm/resting state the body is able to function at its best, and we are able to think clearly. 

Each item has been selected to fit into everyday environments such as home, work and educational settings.

This toolkit is recommended for teenagers and adults, from the age of 13 + 


 "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation." A Lorde.

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